Six weeks before my daughter Ella was born, I graduated with a Masters in Public Administration at Columbia University. 

My graduation ceremony topped off a glorious two years of vivid discussions, hard-fought debates and deeply immersive intellectual experiences.  It also marked the start of a new period in my life: upon getting home and hanging up my cap and gown, I threw myself excitedly into my 'nesting' phase, getting ready for the bundle to arrive in only a matter of weeks.

Once Ella was born, the things that had previously defined me - lawyer, public policy nerd, student, writer - took a back seat to the all-encompassing new role of mom (or, since I'm Australian, mum).  Economics textbooks gave way to YouTube videos about swaddles; discussions about income inequality became conversations about organic vs regular diapers.  And I loved it - every spit-up stained, cuddle-filled, sleep-deprived moment.

Living in Brooklyn, I lucked into an incredible community of parents with new babies the same age as mine, from a dizzying array of backgrounds.  At music class, Ella and I met an environmental lawyer, an international rescue specialist and a theater actress; we signed up for swim-and-splash sessions with a corporate consultant and a geography teacher; and we caught up for mommy-and-me coffees with an education specialist who signs off on the pedagogy of Sesame Street.  But in the organized spaces for us to meet and mingle, we weren't any of these things.  In the ecosystem of play dates and parenting forums, we were really all 'just' moms.

Mindr was born as a space where parenthood and intellectual curiosity can coexist.  Want to talk politics, philosophy, psychology or physics?  Do it with a beer in one hand and a baby in the other.  Have some thoughts on the economy, or the environment; the Met or the Mets?  Pull up a high chair and let's talk.  From baby-friendly guest lectures to content curated for the curious carer, Mindr recognizes that although we've all got a little bit of baby brain, there's plenty of other brain left in there too.

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