#Mindrmama Hollyn Baron is the founder of PS I’m From The Midwest, a site that offers a glimpse into Hollyn’s  life as a Brooklyn mom celebrating fashion, parenting, and all the best that comes out of the Midwest. Here, she shares her reflections on the role of friendship in shaping her experience of motherhood.

"Girlfriendship" has always been incredibly important to me.  When I was 22 years old I had just moved to Brooklyn. I was living with three of my best friends, and we were inseparable. We would sleep in each other's rooms, share our best wardrobe items and be exactly who we were at that moment in our lives. Everything in my life revolved around this sisterhood that had been so easily created. 

Six years later, we were all still best friends, but everyone had moved out of Brooklyn, and I was still living in the same neighborhood. Except now I was expecting a baby girl, and I no longer had my sisterhood. Without any friends nearby, I tried to tell myself my baby girl would be my best friend, but I felt lonely and knew that I both wanted and needed a circle of friends to support and nurture me as my life was about to change. 

I joined a parenting network to access their classifieds list and read more about nanny shares. Unbeknowst to me, I was also put into an "August Babies Group". Magically, I received an invite to an "August Moms" meetup at someone's house. I was nervous about being the only Bravo TV-watching, Splenda-consuming-type mom at the meet up.  I put my nerves aside, put on my big girl pants (a.k.a. my cleanest pair of maternity pants), and went. 

Fast forward two years and I have a solid group of ten friends (yes, they are also moms) and they all live within walking distance. We group-text, know each other's Seamless favorites, "have a few-too-many" at 5:00pm on Fridays, and refer to our group as a "tribe". I love my new sisters and have become a true-life mom meetup success story. 

When I was invited to Mindr's recent networking event for entrepreneurs and marketing experts, I knew it was another chance to build my tribe. I was excited to be able to connect with Brooklyn-based, social-savvy moms who have their own businesses or side-hustle. The most exciting part, in addition to gorging on tea and scones from The Pastel Co., was the ability to make friends with other mothers who share similar interests with me outside of motherhood. No longer did I have to search through the moms who so just happened to give birth in a similar time frame to find like-minded people. The added bonus was that no one minded my toddler licking all the toys. 

If you haven't jumped into the Mindr scene, I can't recommend it enough. It's not organic sunscreen recs and diapers. I promise you will find other women like you, whether you're looking for a #momboss or a #sahm. Everyone deserves a girl gang and motherhood isn't one size fits all, so it's time to find your tribe.

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