"We are all publishers now in a way we never were before."

On January 15th, we heard from Neha Leela Ruch, ten-year veteran of the branding industry and founder of the lifestyle site Mother Untitled, about the importance of rebranding new parenthood as a time of creativity and connection. Imaginative play for the littles was curated by Rose & Rex in a lovely Little Nomad play space, with gifting for the grown-ups by Loyal Hana and scrumptious coffee and baked goods thanks to our gracious hosts at Bluestone Lane.



When you’re building your personal brand, you don’t listen outside. It has to be true to you first. Think only about what’s true to you – that’s step one. What’s true in terms of where your priorities are, where your interests are, where your strengths are, and where your weaknesses are.
— Neha Leela Ruch





a mindful work in progress

In her monthly column for Mindr, Neha reflects on the technology that distracts us, and how we can re-engage in the moment.


🇺🇸 Yesterday we attended another MINDR event. These events are like the TED Talks for parents and their little ones! . The conversation was about how to build and promote a personal brand. I was excited because it would be an excellent opportunity to hear more about Branding, but now with the focus on the motherhood. . At the moment that Neha Leela Ruch started talking it was automatic to make connection with everything I learned with @alegarattoni and working in an advertising agency. . In her speech Neha showed how it is possible to rebranding motherhood and to building a personal brand. . Listening to her was incredible while the girls had fun with Rose and Rex toys, a store that only sells educational toys which stimulate creativity! To end the day happier, we won a gift card from @loyal_hana, a modern nursing wear. . We love it! It's so good to be involved in such enriching discussions. And it's so good to be able to have the girls around as we try to rebuild ourselves to be more than "just mamas". . . 🇧🇷Ontem fomos a mais um evento do MINDR. Esses eventos são como um TED para pais e seus pequenos! . Desta vez o tema foi Brand pessoal. Quando vi a programação fiquei muito feliz! Seria uma excelente oportunidade para ouvir mais sobre Branding, mas desta vez voltado para o mundo da maternidade. . No momento que Neha Leela Ruch do Mother Untitled começou a falar foi automático fazer conexão com tudo que aprendi no curso com a Ale Garattoni e com o trabalho que fiz em agência de publicidade. . Em sua fala Neha mostra como é possível remodelar conceitos antigos da maternidade, por meio da construção de uma marca pessoal. . Além da fala ter sido incrível, as meninas puderam se divertir com os brinquedos da Rose and Rex, loja que só vende brinquedos educativos e que procuram estimular a criatividade! E para fechar o dia, ainda ganhamos o sorteio de um gift card da Loyal Hana, uma marca de roupas modernas para gestantes e nutrizes. . Amamos! É tão bom participar de discussões enriquecedoras como essa. E é tão bom poder ter as meninas por perto enquanto tentamos nos reconstruir para sermos além de "apenas mães".

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