We made it to another Friday, mamas.

Here are the stories that have been getting us through the week.

  1. "Love. Pain. Regret." The New York Times has a new six-part series exploring what it means to become a mother.
  2. For the first time ever, the annual meeting of global business and political leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos will be entirely chaired by women.
  3. Ultimate mom boss Ruth Bader Ginsburg had some thoughts about the #MeToo movement.
  4. 'Mudbound' cinematographer Rachel Morrison made Academy Awards history by becoming the first ever female cinematographer nominated for an Oscar (and by the way, our friends over at Moms-in-Film totally called it.)
  5. A record number of women are running for elected office in 2018, because the best way to fix a broken system is to take it over.

Catch you next week! (Maybe in person, when we hang out in Brooklyn with Dr. Abigail Bucuvalas from Sesame Workshop. Details here.)