Not only is it nearly the weekend, it's nearly Mother's Day weekend! We hope you're getting ready for some serious self-celebrations of the hand-me-that-mimosa-please variety. To help you wind down the week, here are some links we think you'll love.

  1. This New Yorker article takes you into Mindr's recent event with Nobel Peace Prize laureate Beatrice Fihn of ICAN. For real.
  2. The Motherhood+Public Power Index came out today, and it isn't good. Only 6% of positions of power in the US, China, India and Russia are held by women with children, while 87% are held by dads.
  3. In better news, black female founders are about to receive $36 million in funding.
  4. Our founder Sarah told Mommy Nearest what she wants for Mother's Day... and it's not a new vacuum cleaner.
  5. And finally, here's an even better gift idea to consider.

Happy almost-Mother's Day from Team Mindr!