Still running on the fumes of Mother's Day baked goods and musical greeting cards? We sure are. Here are our fave links to help you ride into the weekend.

  1. Meghan Markle will walk herself down the aisle, and apparently that's a "bold feminist statement."
  2. Big kudos to #MINDRMAMA Katherine Goldstein who hit the New York Times Opinion section this week to speak out loud the open secret of anti-mom bias at work.
  3. Speaking of brilliant #MINDRMAMAs and the New York Times, Lauren Smith Brody and her back-to-work bible The Fifth Trimester are one of Times' top 3 picks on modern parenting.
  4. A law firm that's currently facing a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit dug its hole a little deeper when it refused a speaker at one of its seminars access to the mother's room because she wasn't an employee.
  5. We recently discovered you can get Quantum Physics books for babies. Which is lucky, cos they're starting university earlier than ever.

And that's a wrap! Have a great weekend.

Cover photo by Stylish & Hip Kids photography.