In case you've been (justifiably) too distracted by Oprah's royal kumquats to think about anything else this week, here are five reads to get you back up to speed:

  1. Only one woman was allowed into the historic nuclear talks between the USA and North Korea this week. Which is a bummer, in light of the proven importance of diversity to making diplomacy work.
  2. Argentina may be about to ease up its restrictive abortion laws, as a bill to legalize abortion up to 14 weeks makes its way from the Chamber of Deputies into the Argentine Senate.
  3. After reviewing thousands of pages of court documents and public records, the New York Times reports that from Walgreens to Wall Street, many of the country's largest companies continue to systemically pass over pregnant women for promotions and raises and fire them when they complain.
  4. White House reporters wanted to know whether being a parent gave press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders empathy for what other parents are going through at the border. She changed the subject.
  5. Iranian men attending their national team's first World Cup game protested the ongoing ban that prohibits women from going to soccer matches in Iran.

And that's a wrap on the week! If you're in NYC, you're running out of chances to join us on Tuesday at Ribalta in Union Square. We'll be talking to the UN World Food Programme, celeb chefs and special guests about how families can lead the world to zero hunger, just by making some small tweaks to how we shop and eat. (PS there will be Neapolitan pizza and beer brewed from bread, so... see you there.)