Welcome, weekend. Here is a quick recap of what’s happening in the world. Pro tip: try reading with a glass of wine or while sipping a soothing cup of chamomile tea.

1) Trump picked conservative Brett Kavanaugh as his Supreme Court nominee. The judge credited his mom, also a judge, as the person who got him interested in the law.

2) The U.S. tried to block a UN resolution encouraging breastfeeding. The resolution says that breast milk is the healthiest option for children. The U.S. opposed it on the grounds that the decision would limit access to formula.

3) Pregnant women immigrants are miscarrying while in US custody. A new report shows that pregnant immigrants are not receiving the care they need in government facilities and this may be leading to miscarriages.

4) The Army's Command and General Staff College may be encouraging pregnant servicemembers to defer. Even though their policy expressly states otherwise, women are being told it might be better to go back to school when they are not pregnant.

5) The Thai soccer team has been rescued. The news story that has captivated the world has come to a happy conclusion as kids are reunited with their parents.

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