Parenthood has been all over the news this week, in good ways and bad. Here's what you missed:

  1. Giving the gift of parental leave. There's a hot new trend of people gifting their pregnant colleagues vacation days to add to their maternity leave, which is a sweet gesture. But it's pretty appalling that we need to resort to the kindness of individuals in order to secure new parents the time off that they need.
  2. Speaking of leave, companies want dads to take more of it. The Wall Street Journal  surveyed 1,000 workers and found that one third of the men were too scared to take parental leave, but that their companies want them to. This is because companies have found that people who take their leave are more productive when they return, with fewer absences.
  3. A 4 day work week might make us more productive. A New Zealand firm just tested the idea for six weeks, having its employees work 4 days while being paid for 5, and called the trial a "resounding success." And people are pretty excited about it. We caught up with Andrew Barnes, the firm's founder and the innovator behind the trial.
  4. Is motherhood having a 'moment' in pop culture? From Chrissy Teigen breastfeeding on Instagram to Serena playing for the moms, there have been a lot of #mompower moments in the news lately. But a widely circulated article in Glamour argues that it's not all positive, wondering if we're "fetishizing the idea of motherhood—and whether we're prioritizing veneration over equality."
  5. More than 450 migrant parents may have been deported without their children. The Trump Administration told a federal court this week that hundreds of parents from separated families are no longer in the country. The government's previous estimate of the number of cases was just 12.

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