Happy Friday, Mindr fam! Here's what you need to know from the week that was:

  1. Survey Monkey's board is now 50% women - and one of those women is Serena Williams. This is newsworthy because as of last year, white men still accounted for nearly 70% of board members in the Fortune 500.
  2. Most people want paid family leave (shocker!). Employee benefits provider Unum published a study reporting that 58% of workers and 64% of millennials want paid family leave from their employers. Wouldn't you know it, paid family leave even outranked pet-friendly offices in people's perk priorities.
  3. Women in financial services face harsher barriers than in other industries. We posted this article about the gender gap in finance to Mindr's Instagram community earlier in the week, which led to a fascinating discussion among our finance mamas. Got an experience to share as a woman in finance? Tell us.
  4. The first drug specifically designed for postpartum depression is nearing FDA approval. 10-20% of mothers feel a prolonged sadness, anxiety, irritability, and inability to bond with their newborns after giving birth. Scientists are finally doing something about it.
  5. The Queen of Soul has passed away, but her legacy lives on. Aretha Franklin's music, like the song RESPECT, will continue to be heralded as "a demand for equality and freedom and a harbinger of feminism, carried by a voice that would accept nothing less."

And that's a wrap on the week.