Happy Friday, Mindr fam! Here's what you need to know about the week that was:

  1. It takes a village. When Argentine police officer and working mom Celeste Ayala was put in charge of a malnourished, crying infant who had been separated from her mother, she breastfed the baby herself. We're especially impressed with the way the system recognized her for it: the security minister of Buenos Aires called her personally to thank her and referred to her on Twitter as "the police we're proud of, the police we want." She has now been promoted to Sergeant.
  2. Arianna Huffington had a mic-drop for Elon Musk. "You're demonstrating a wildly outdated, anti-scientific and horribly inefficient way of using human energy," she told the billionaire inventor, criticizing the 120-hour work weeks for which he is notorious. Musk had recently told the New York Times that he worked so hard he'd missed his own birthday, not to mention his 5 kids growing up. 
  3. The safest amount of alcohol is none, and not just for pregnant women. Turns out all that social shaming of pregnant women who steal a sip of red wine on a bad day could be turned right back around at their accusers. In a massive study co-authored by 512 researchers and published in the prestigious scientific journal The Lancet, the conclusion was that "to minimize health risks, the optimal amount of alcohol someone should consume is none." Womp.
  4. August 26th is the anniversary of women's right to vote in America - but the victory was mixed for women of color. Women's Equality Day is celebrated each year on August 26th, acknowledging the ratification of the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote in 1920. But for decades later, nonwhite women struggled to exercise their civic rights due to legalized prejudicial practices that blocked them from casting ballots.
  5. You should take time to grieve a career transition. Feelings of grief are common when you leave a workplace you love, even if the departure was your own choice. "Even if you're moving on to something you really want to do and it's the right decision, change is hard," says author Kim Scott. Working through those feelings rather than ignoring them will put you in a much more productive mindset for your next steps.