As we soak up the last rays of summer, here are 5 stories you need to stay up to speed:

  1. A mother farwells her son. At 106 years old, Roberta McCain was there to say goodbye to her son Senator John McCain at the National Cathedral earlier today. “She taught me to find so much pleasure in life that misfortune could not rob me of the joy of living,” the Senator once wrote of his mother. (The President was not invited.)
  2. There's a good reason why you're tired. Motherhood represents on average a 98 hour per week workload - equivalent to 2.5 full time jobs, a new study has found. We knew those dark circles were there for a good reason.
  3. Work done during your commute is still work. If you're working on your commute, there's a good argument it should be counted toward your work day. In just another example of Scandinavians getting it right, Norway already counts travel time as work.
  4. Working parents in the law need change. The Young Lawyers Editorial Board of American Lawyer wants law firms to understand that supporting employees' family commitments is good for business. We had a fascinating discussion with our legal #MINDRMAMAs about this on Instagram this week - please drop us a line if you have something to add about work-life in law.
  5. Positive changes can start in the supply chain. In better news, Microsoft announced that it will require all of its suppliers to provide their employees with paid parental leave. 

And that's a wrap on the week.