We made it to the end of another week, Mindr fam! Here are the stories you might have missed:

  1. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Cardi B joined a wave of celebrities that are opening up about their struggle with postpartum depression. On Sunday, she became the first woman to win Best Rap Album at Grammy’s on Sunday, and discussed raising a child while navigating a demanding work schedule in her acceptance speech.

  2. On February 8th, Autumn Lampkins, a mother of two, won a $1.5 million dollar lawsuit against KFC after they demoted her and made it nearly impossible to breastfeed at work.

  3. This week Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a 2020 Presidential Candidate, reintroduced legislation that would grant 12 weeks of paid family leave to U.S. employees at 66% of their monthly wages. According to the latest estimates, 85% of Americans are in support of paid family leave.

  4. This United States Preventive Services Task Force recently reported that some kinds of counseling can prevent women from experiencing perinatal depression. Under the Affordable Care Act, this recommendation means that insurers will be required to cover these services, without any co-pay. Counseling is encouraged for a broad range of risk factors, including divorce and single motherhood.

  5. Would you be surprised to know there is a gender gap in media reporting? According to a recent Women’s Media Center report, 69 percent of news wire bylines are snagged by men, and overall men produce 63 percent of analyzed reports.