Happy Friday, Mindr fam! Here’s what you missed in the news this week:

1. The De Blasio Administration recently announced they are building four new monuments honoring female leaders as part of the She Built NYC Initiative. These pioneering women include mama Katherine Walker, godmother Billie Holiday, pediatrician Dr. Helen Rodríguez Trías, and kindergarten teacher Elizabeth Jennings Graham.

2. Calling all feminist historians! According to historian and author Bettany Hughes, only .5% of the last 3,500 years of recorded history is explicitly about women. This Women's History Month you can learn more about female change-makers by following New York Times Gender’s 31 Days of Women project.

3. This week Danish researchers announced their development of Q, the first program that produces a genderless voice for digital assistants. As most digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana are female-presenting, the invention of Q is opening up discussions about gendered technology.

4. U.S. Women’s Soccer Players are suing U.S. Soccer for gender discrimination. Beyond pay discrimination, the women are also making a case for gender discrimination based on where they play, the medical treatment they receive, and their travel accommodations in comparison with male players.

5. Last week PwC released their 2019 Women In Work Index, an assessment of female economic empowerment across the 33 OECD member countries, and Iceland and Sweden topped the list once again. Sweden’s 480 days of parental leave and their pioneering use of the word feminist in their policy approach put them in the top two year after year.