Too busy chasing littles to keep up with the news this week? We got you.

  1. Parenthood is hard — even for Beyoncé. This mama megastar released her documentary Homecoming on Netflix, accompanied by a live album of her Coachella 2018 headline performance. In the documentary, the mother of three opens up about her difficult pregnancy and emergency c-section with twins, along with having to adjust her work schedule as a mother to young twins and a six year old. 

  2. Commuting to work during pregnancy is risky business. A new study by researchers at the University of Wisconsin and Lehigh University found that a long commute for pregnant women may raise the likelihood of risky pregnancies and low-birth-weight babies. The study looked at data from New Jersey, and the researchers hope that their work will lead to policy change to expand prenatal leave and remote work.  

  3. There are more funds for mama founders. Serena Williams just announced publicly that she launched her own venture capital firm in 2014 (how she kept this a secret is beyond us)! Serena Ventures invests in companies with diverse leadership, such as founders who are women, mothers, and people of color. 

  4. Unicorns are real. Speaking of start-ups, both female founders Emily Weiss of Glossier and mother of 1 Jennifer Hyman of Rent the Runway have both recently joined the Unicorn Club, a small pool of startups that have reached a 1 billion dollar valuation. Only 14 female founders have joined this male-dominated club so far.

  5. Voters are becoming less biased over time. With more women gearing up to run for President of the United States than ever before, it turns out that only 13% of Americans believe men are better suited emotionally for politics than women. We want this number to be 0%, but keep in mind that, according to research from Georgetown University, in 1975 about 50% of Americans doubted women were emotionally fit for politics.