Have you heard of pregnant stand-up? Female comedians like Ali Wong, Christina P., Amy Schumer and Natasha Leggero are leading a trend of growing their stand-up careers while pregnant, and speaking explicitly and hilariously about being an expectant mama. Through her comedy, Amy Schumer has opened up about her experience of hypermesis, while Ali Wong has basically taken over the world with her two Netflix specials filmed while pregnant. 

Peggy Alford, mother of two and senior vice president at PayPal, has just been tapped to serve on Facebook’s board of directors. She will be the first black woman and second black executive to serve on the board. In an interview with PayPal, she shared her story of choosing motherhood later in life while making time for her career.  

After Lori Lightfoot's Mayoral victory in Chicago, mother of two and former police chief Jane Castor was recently elected to serve as mayor of Tampa. Within the past month she, Lori, and Satya Rhodes-Conway of Madison, Wisconsin, have grown the number of lesbian candidates to be elected mayor of America's most populous cities from 2 to 5!  

Recently the New York Times published an obituary for Geraldine "Jerrie" Cobb, who was poised to become the first U.S. female astronaut, but due to sexism was never able to soar to space. This piece illustrates how her greatest triumphs and setbacks broke the glass ceiling for future female astronauts. 

With the Cannes Film Festival coming up in May, there is a focus to improve inclusivity among directors. Gender inclusivity is improving slightly, with four female directors scheduled to show their work out of 19 total entries. This number may seem low, but it's the highest it's been since 2011.