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Keeping cabin fever at bay, Part III


Keeping cabin fever at bay, Part III

Spring has sprung! And yet, as seems to happen every year, the cold drags on… and on… and on. We partnered with our friends at Bumkins to interview three intrepid #MindrMamas about their tips and tools for keeping her little ones happy and occupied during the colder days. In this final part in our series, we caught up with Ariel Scheer Stein, a high school teacher turned stay-at-home mom to Adina Lila and Noa Ella and the mama behind, to find out her tips for riding out the last of the cold.

What are your go-to strategies for keeping the kiddos entertained at home on chillier days?

We don’t have tons of space in our two bedroom apartment, but we’ve still found ways to keep our toddler and baby entertained:

  • Move around from room to room: Rather than staying in our living room all day, we spend some time in the girls’ bedroom playing with their toys and books in there. Then we'll switch over to my room for a while and have "tickle fights" and dance parties on my bed. Later we'll move back out to the living room, and that way we don't get tired or bored of being in the same space all day.

  • Create new toys and games: We use unexpected household items like cardboard boxes and safe kitchen utensils to come up with new games. Anyone else's kids get sick of their actual toys and just want to play with toilet paper roll or bang on some pots and pans?

  • Don’t rule out screens: This winter, we had some days with below-freezing temperatures with the windchill making the real feel -5 degrees. On days like this, we don’t leave the house at all. We let Adina watch some nursery rhymes, children’s shows, or movies (her current favorites are Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger, Word Party, and Moana) and this gives us a chance to cuddle on the couch together. It also gives both of us a much-needed break.

When you venture out of the house with them on chilly days, what kinds of activities do you focus on?

With the exception of the absolutely freezing days, I do try to get some fresh air and go out of the house every day at least once. I’ve had to make a greater effort to arrange indoor play dates with local friends. Scheduling can sometimes be tricky with unpredictable naps, but if we’re going to be stuck at home, we might as well be stuck at home together!

Snacks are always on hand with Adina’s    reusable snack bag in Arrow   , by Bumkins.

Snacks are always on hand with Adina’s reusable snack bag in Arrow, by Bumkins.

When we’re not playing in someone else’s home, we also go to some other places in the neighborhood. Our local library has a weekly story time and arts and crafts activity that we try to attend every few weeks. Adina also loves going to the Barnes and Noble to play in their children’s section, pick out some books together, and ride the escalator (so exciting)! I like going to both of these places because they’re close by, they have lots of books for Adina to choose from, and they’re free! A new indoor play space called Good Day Play Cafe opened not too far from us this past year. Adina has so much fun jumping in the ball pit, dressing up in costumes, playing with the toy kitchen, and enjoying the yummy snacks in the cafe.

What physical items are in your cold weather toolkit, both for play time at home and for heading out and about?

I always have “busy pouch” with a few tchotchke toys on hand. I usually put small finger puppets, colorful crystal rocks, and action figures inside my Bumkins pouch and take one item out at a time. The other must-have item in my winter toolkit is snacks! I never leave the house without having a few easy-to-eat snacks with us. That usually includes fruit (Adina is partial to berries, sliced apples, and clementines), a cheese stick, or the occasional yogurt pouch. I always put some kind of snack like peanut butter Bamba puffs, cheddar bunnies, or pretzels in one of the Bumkins snack bags. In my book, you can never have too many snacks!

On those really pent-up, cabin-feverish cold days, when nothing seems to keep them happy, what's your secret weapon?

That’s a tough one! I’d think my secret weapon on days like that is breaking the rules! What do I mean by that? Letting my toddler wear her helmet and ride her scooter all over our apartment. Putting our bathing suits on and going “swimming” in the bathtub with our water toys in the middle of the day. Playing music loudly and chasing each other around our home. Letting my toddler sit on the counter and act as my “sous chef” while we cook a meal together. Basically, doing things that she’s usually not allowed to do!

What's one thing you miss about winter once the warmer weather rolls around?

This is the first year that Adina really understood and enjoyed playing in the snow. She built her first snowman and rode down a hill on a sled for the first time this year. Although I love the warm weather, there is something so magical and beautiful about watching the snow fall. Once the warm weather rolls around, I miss the “magic” of the snowy winter days!


Mamas Who Hustle to Keep Us Safe: Sarah Tilton, Britax

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Mamas Who Hustle to Keep Us Safe: Sarah Tilton, Britax

Did you know September is Baby Safety Month, culminating in Child Passenger Safety Week? There has never been a better time to get up to speed on how to keep your lil’ munchkin safe, sound and snuggly. One of the most important areas where we have the power to better protect our precious cargo is in the car. Car crashes are one of the greatest threats to our littles, but research by the CDC has shown that “using age- and size-appropriate child restraints (car seats, booster seats, and seat belts) is the best way to save lives and reduce injuries in a crash.” That’s why Mindr is so proud to partner with Britax, which has been leading the way in child safety technology for more than 70 years. Last month, we worked together to bring you the Go Guide, to usher you off on your most exciting travels in safety and style. And today, we’re back again to showcase one of the inspirational mamas at Britax who is hustling day in, day out, to keep our kiddos safe. Meet Sarah Tilton, a national leader in car safety for children.

Sarah, thank you so much for everything you do. Can you share with us what brought you into this line of work? What inspired you to spend your career hustling to keep families safe?

The funny thing is, my career as a safety advocate chose me when I joined Britax more than 16 years ago. When I accepted the job, I asked myself: “How hard can car seats be?” Not long after, I remember sitting at my desk with my head in my hands, asking myself what I had done. It was a very steep learning curve - turns out car seats are hard, after all. But over the course of the last decade and a half, I have found my true passion for child passenger safety. After just a few months at Britax, and after interacting with Child Passenger Safety Technicians at trade shows and conferences, I found myself inspired by their passion for child safety and decided to take the national certification class to become a technician myself. Within 2 years, I became a child passenger safety technician instructor and I now train others to become technicians and help other families transport their children safely.

Has car seat safety changed a lot during your time at Britax?

When my daughter was born 38 years ago, nobody at the hospital asked me if I had a car seat or offered to help me install it. Car seat laws barely existed. On the way home from the hospital, I held my daughter in my arms in the front passenger seat of my mother’s car. When I transitioned her into a car seat, it was a used car seat from a yard sale - and the harness had been cut out. Two and half years later when my son was born, I brought him home from the hospital forward-facing in yet another yard sale car seat.

Today, there are more than 41,000 nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians that help families and caregivers transport their children correctly and safely. I want to do everything I can to make sure these types of resources continue to be available to parents and caregivers, so that no one finds themselves in the same position I was in as a new mother, unwittingly putting their children at risk. I loved my children with all my heart from day one and didn’t even realize I was putting them in harm’s way. That should never happen to any family.

Where does your strength come from, as a mother and as a professional?

I don’t mention this often, but I was a teen mom in high school when I had my daughter. At the time, I knew it would be challenging, but I decided that I couldn’t let my baby down. I had to do everything in my power to give her the best life I was able to. I went back to high school for my senior year with a 1.5 month old baby. I wasn’t going let my child see me as a failure. My personal strength has always come from overcoming the perception people have when they hear I was a teen mom. It has always been my goal to show my children that they can overcome anything if they put their minds to it. We all have the power to determine our own destination.

In your job, are you ever afraid? What do you do to overcome your fear?

I think like all of us, there are fears when roles or jobs change and as life changes. In my role today of educating families and protecting children, my biggest fear is for the families that I can’t reach, the parents and caregivers who don’t listen to my advice. We as adults - caregivers and parents - are making critical decisions for our children. Please listen, learn and make the most informed decisions possible regarding your children's safety.

Mothers are typically seen as soft and nurturing. What do you believe makes mothers strong? 

From my perspective, what has driven me to be what I consider a strong mother, is my desire for my children to view me as someone who can succeed and overcome the challenges presented to me. Road blocks don’t mean you can’t continue down the path you’re on, you just have to decide whether the destination is really what you want. If so, then you accept the route needed to get there. Being both soft and strong is definitely an internal struggle, but we must remember that we need both in our lives.

We all want to make sure our children are the safest they can be when riding in a car. What are your top safety tips for choosing the right car seat for your child?

When you are selecting a car seat, please make sure you look for one that 1) fits your child, 2) fits your vehicle, 3) includes features that you can use correctly EVERY time you use the car seat and 4) fits your budget.

To make sure that the seat fits your child, check that the height and weight ranges are appropriate for your child and that it can be used in the appropriate direction (rear-facing or forward-facing) for your child.

To ensure that the seat fits your vehicle properly, check that it is properly installed in the back seat of your vehicle and that you can achieve the proper recline angle for rear-facing installation.

Remember, if you cannot use features correctly every time you use the car seat, it won’t matter if you saved money or spent a lot on the purchase. It has to be used correctly every time to properly protect your child.

And finally, it is important to remember that all car seats sold have to meet the same Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 213. Think of choosing a car seat like choosing a car. You selected your car based on priorities - whether that is safety features, comfort, or maybe ease-of-use. The same goes for car seats: each has it’s own features, and you choose the one that works best for your lifestyle. 

Car crashes are a leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 13. Many times, deaths and injuries can be prevented by proper use of car seats, boosters and seat belts. How can we be sure that we have installed our car seat/booster properly?

It’s really important to read and follow the user manuals from both the child car seat manufacturer and the vehicle manufacturer in order to achieve a proper installation. The safest place for your child in any vehicle is in the back seat. The center of the rear seat is preferable to outboard (window) positions - as long as you can achieve a tight installation - because it is the farthest from potential side impact. However, keep in mind that if you’re not able to install your car seat in the center position, a properly installed car seat in an outboard position will still provide excellent protection for your child during a crash.

You also want to avoid a loose car seat installation. After installation, grasp the seat near the belt bath to check for movement of more than one inch side-to-side or front-to-back at the belt path. If you have trouble installing your car seat securely in the rear center seat, try an outboard position.

The process of putting your child in the seat and taking them out, along with the motion of your vehicle, can shake your car seat loose over time. This makes it critical to check the fit often and reinstall your child seat periodically. Parents and caregivers can seek assistance or check that car seats are installed properly by meeting with a Certified Passenger Safety Technician. To have your seat checked, visit to find your nearest inspection station. 

I am about to take a long cross-country road trip with my two children. What are some safety issues that I may not be thinking of?

Your children are always watching. Set a good example and always wear your seat belt. If traveling with a partner or friend, take turns sitting in the back seat with your child. Avoid distractions while driving and allow your passenger to handle the GPS or radio so you can concentrate on driving. If you plan on bringing toys and accessories to keep your child entertained, I always recommend use of soft toys and cloth books, as any unrestrained objects can become projectiles in the event of a crash.

If you’re traveling by plane, I recommend you take your car seats for a couple of reasons. The safest place for a child is in a car seat or booster seat, not on a lap. If you’re renting a car once you reach your destination, you will also feel more at ease knowing your child is properly fitted and safe in his or her own car seat. Companies like Britax make travel carts and travel bags to make car seat transportation easy. If you are unsure whether your car seat is FAA-approved, look for a label on the side of the seat that states, “This child restraint system conforms to all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards,” or, “This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft.” Always remember, you’re traveling with precious cargo!

Do you have any tips for raising strong, resilient children?

Your children learn from you starting the moment they are born. As they grow, watch and listen to you, they follow your every move. Remember we are their role models! Yes, we make mistakes and it is important our children see we acknowledged the mistakes. Experience life with them. I always felt it was better to have them experience things with me, than to shelter them and have the exposure on their own, without me there to answer their questions.

Do you know a mama who is hustling to keep us safe? Drop her some love in the comments.

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The Go Guide: Ten tips for traveling with tots in tow


The Go Guide: Ten tips for traveling with tots in tow

Summer's winding down and school's about to begin (cue collective sigh of relief.) If you're like us, you may be squeezing in one last trip before Labor Day. To get you ready for a relaxing and stress-free journey, we've teamed up with our friends at Britax to bring you our top 10 tips for traveling with tots in tow. So if you are taking a long road trip or introducing your baby to the joys of air travel, we’ve got you covered with our guide for winning at summer and fall travel.

Before You Leave: 

  • Minimize what you pack. Babies and kids need lots of stuff - but they may not need all their stuff when you are on vacation. Bring essentials, but hauling that second diaper bag or extra-large suitcase will only weigh you down when trying to catch a cab from the airport. If you could use some training in the packing department, check out How to Pack by NYC mama Hitha Palepu.
  • Get the timing right. When buying plane tickets, take a moment to really think about the best time to fly with your kids. Personally, we like flying early in the morning - that way, when you're ready to leave the house, you just lift your tots out of their crib, keep them in PJs, and cross your fingers that they sleep on the way to the airport or even (hallelujah!) on the plane. Flights are less likely to have delays first thing in the morning and bonus: you get to enjoy a full first day wherever you land.
  • Be realistic with your plans. It's easy to want to plan an ambitious schedule hitting all the hot spots on your bucket list, but no one will enjoy seeing the sites if everyone is jet-lagged or overtired. Give yourself enough time to adjust to new time zones and work in time at playgrounds to let your little guy/gal run out their energy before naps. Let older children help plan activities. They will be just as excited as you are learning about your destination and picking out things to do.

Road Tripping with Your Littles

  • Bribery is everything. For a long car (or plane) ride, pack special activities/toys/snacks and pull out something new every hour to surprise your kids. Bonus entertainment points: wrap the surprises.
  • Plan your pit stops. For the car rides, plan bathroom breaks/leg stretches around parks, playgrounds or restaurants with play areas where you can have a picnic or run around a bit. Directories of kid-friendly locations like Mommy Nearest are a great resource for this.
  • Safety first. You want to make sure your child is in a super safe and comfy car seat. We love the the Britax Emblem convertible seat not just because of its double impact protection, but because it is comfortable enough that your kid wants to nap in it, and light enough that you can easily make that transition from car, plane, cab etc. without breaking your back. Oh and did we mention it’s super easy to install?

Flying High with Kiddos

The Britax Car Seat Travel Cart literally turns your car seat into a stroller.

The Britax Car Seat Travel Cart literally turns your car seat into a stroller.

  • Be mobile. An easy to fold, lightweight umbrella stroller is a must when traveling. We are obsessed with the Britax B-Mobile stroller. You can fold it with one hand, so your other hand is free to wrestle the kid that's tantruming their way through airport security. You then sling it over your shoulder like a tote bag to carry it. It's also got a great can recline to let your child nap on the go. 
  • Get rollin. If you're not traveling with a stroller, a travel cart is a convenient alternative for maneuvering through airports. We love the Britax Car Seat Travel Cart. It's like a little shopping trolley, but your car seat attaches to it with the same safety latches you use to hook the seat into your car. Your little ones are already used to their cozy car seat and they can snooze in it as you cruise to your gate. 
  • Disinfect, disinfect, disinfect. As soon as you get on the plane, wipe down everything your child may be able to reach with an antibacterial wipe. This includes the front and back of the seat tray, the windows and seat belt. It may seem a bit extreme, but planes are Petri dishes and this way you can relax when your child gets handsy with the furniture in the middle of the flight. (We've received flight attendant high fives while doing this.) Also, keep your kids' shoes on, just trust us.
  • Don't forget to drink on the descent. Most of us know to nurse or feed a baby a bottle right as you take off, but air pressure also changes on the descent, which can bother little ears. Make sure you have enough milk or water to give to your child about 30-45 minutes before landing. And wait to start feeding until you are actually taking off - you don't want to start too early and then run out as you are sitting on the runway.

No matter what - don't psych yourself out. If you love to travel, want to show your children the world or just get out of town for a weekend, just do it. Pretty soon they'll have the travel bug too.

Britax is a Mindr sponsor, and we're so grateful for their support. All of the Britax products included in this article have been independently tried and tested by #MINDRMAMAs. We recommend them because they're great, and we get no kick-backs if you buy. We're all about giving you the best information to make parent life that little bit easier, and we love finding like-minded companies that are working hard to do the same.