A Curated Networking Experience. Crying Babies Welcome.


it's time to find your tribe.

Maybe you're back at work, and the second the day ends you're speeding heart-first out that door to wrap your little one in an arms-and-soul kind of hug, without time to give networking or career development a second thought. Or maybe you've chosen to stay home with your babe, and catch yourself between rounds of 'the wheels on the bus' feeling wistful for that promising career you've put on hold. But you know what? Your tribe has your back. You just need a little help finding them.

Mindr is thrilled to present The High Chair, a curated networking experience where your professional goals are what matter and crying babies are welcome. Tell us a little about your industry and the kind of people you'd like to meet, and we'll invite you and a group of like-minded parents to talk through your career aspirations and actionable advice for achieving them. From entrepreneur meet-ups, to corporate fireside chats, to delegations of mamas to industry conferences, we're here to find out about the boost your career needs and put you in the right place to achieve it. Register your interest below, and we'll send you an invitation when it's your industry's turn to meet.