Mothers are powerful, especially when we are united.

On February 20th, 2018, World Social Justice Day, Mindr and the United Nations Foundation's Global Moms Challenge are co-hosting the World's Biggest Mama Meetup, and we want you to be a part of it! We're calling on mamas around the world to come together, wherever you are, and share in a global conversation about what holds mothers back and what we can do to spark change for all mothers, everywhere.

Whether you meet one friend for coffee, or host an event for hundreds of mamas and those who love them, we invite your group to have a conversation about some of the big issues facing mamas today, like:

  • Access to the right care for a safe and healthy pregnancy
  • Our beautiful earth and how its changing climate is impacting women and girls
  • The #MeToo movement and how to make workplaces and neighborhoods safe for all
  • How educational opportunities can empower women and girls
  • Ways to fight the "motherhood penalty" in the workplace, and get mothers into boardrooms and onto ballots
  • Fostering innovation by and for women and girls
  • How the Sustainable Development Goals are supporting women and girls to thrive

Will you add your voice to the World's Biggest Mama Meetup?



Getting involved is easy. Just follow these 5 steps:

  1. Plan your meet-up. If you're a mama, become a #MAMAMEET2018 Ambassador by planning to a meet-up with other mamas (whether it's one or one hundred!) on February 20th. If you're an organization or group, become a #MAMAMEET2018 Hub by planning an event in your workspace or with your network. You could have a picnic or an afternoon tea, orchestrate a flashmob, host a panel discussion or however you'd like to mark this important day.
  2. Let us know about your meet-up. Give us a shout here if you're an individual and here if you're an organization or group to tell us how you'll be participating. We'll send you some resources to help you plan!
  3. Share your meet-up plans using the hashtag #MAMAMEET2018. Tell your communities on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter how you'll be participating, and ask them who they'll get together with on February 20th to be a part of the movement.
  4. Meet! Around the world, we'll all be meeting up on February 20th and being part of to a global #MAMAMEET2018 conversation about how mamas can harness our power.
  5. Be counted. Share a photo of your group using the hashtag #MAMAMEET2018 on Instagram or Twitter or by emailing us here, and tell us how many people were in your group and what you discussed. We'll add it to the tally for the World's Biggest Mama Meetup!

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"Moms are superhuman. We need to get together as often as possible, to support each other and show that we have each other's backs."



"Mothers are truly the unsung heroes of our economy. Nobody works harder, or is more dedicated, than a mama who is hard at work to provide for her family."



"Film can be so transcendent, giving voice to individual stories. We're proud to support the World's Biggest Mama Meetup by capturing the power of mothers on film."



"Becoming a mom has been the most joyous and challenging experience of my life. It's made me stronger and wiser than anything else I've ever done."


Join the global conversation using the hashtag #MAMAMEET2018: