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We're thrilled to have you on board as part of the World's Biggest Mama Meetup. Not sure what your group should discuss? Here are some quick guides to get the conversation flowing. If you don't see your preferred topic, don't worry - these are just examples to inspire you. Use the hashtag #MAMAMEET2018 to tell us what your group is talking about on March 8th.

Be Counted

Meetup organizers: we need your help so we can count all the participants in the World's Biggest Mama Meetup! From Brazil to Boston, and Trinidad to Toronto, and from coffee catch-ups all the way to the United Nations, mamas are meeting worldwide to add our voices to the global gender equality conversation. To help demonstrate the scale of this powerful and truly global mama movement, please ask each of your participants to add their voice to the official count at


You can embed the YouTube version below, or click here to access the social square version, and subtitled versions (English, French and Spanish) in both widescreen and square formats.

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You can also share these campaign images created by the team at the United Nations Foundation's Global Moms Challenge. Use the hashtag #MAMAMEET2018 to share these, as well as your own!

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