Mindr Connect is the industry-leading ecosystem for employee communities.

"This was the easiest tech implementation that I've ever been through in my career, and in our annual report it's one of the big wins that we are spotlighting. That's because the increase in ERG memberships was 46%, the increase in event registrations was 129%, and the increase in actively engaged allies was simply astronomical."

- Global Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, NYSE Listed Alternative Asset Management Company
Belonging happens by design.

We're with you every step of the way.

Step 1:
Set up existing and new employee communities
Step 2:
Communities use our tools to develop impactful events and opportunities
Step 3:
Members and allies of communities engage meaningfully
Step 4:
Leaders measure progress to ensure impact and ROI
Step 5:
Contributions to building a culture of belonging are recognized and celebrated
A world class solution

Delivering a secure, best-practice system that integrates seamlessly into your organization

SAML 2.0 authentication and industry-leading data security protections
White-labeling and customization options
Access to thought leadership on global best practices for building belonging
Network of globally leading companies building industry strength through employee communities
Deep industry insights and benchmarking
Friendly and accessible customer support for your employees, leaders and administrators

"Employee resource groups are volunteer-led, which makes it so hard to give as much energy as you want to. This platform takes so much of the lift out of it and gives you the ability to see what your community needs. This is so necessary. The impact is huge."

- Breadwinning Women of Google
Save thousands of hours of valuable employee time
Amplify the reach and impact of employee community activities
Measure and report on progress to internal and external stakeholders
Increase ROI on every dollar invested into diversity and inclusion
Reach out to build belonging in your workplace.
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