Make yourself heard, and you could save your own life.

When we read stories – from USA Today, NPR, The New York Times and more – about the healthcare experiences of women on their journey to motherhood, many of us can see our own experiences echoed. Pregnancy, birth, postpartum, maternal mental health experiences – these are moments when we need our voices heard more than ever. But it can be hard to speak up when we’re at our most vulnerable.

On Tuesday, November 13th from 5:30pm onwards at Outro NYC (816 Broadway, near Union Square), join Mindr and Merck for Mothers for a deep discussion about how to find our strongest voices to advocate for the maternal care we need. Our conversation will be guided by a panel of experts, including researchers, obstetricians, doulas and advocates. But most of all, we will be guided by you: your own stories and questions will take the lead.

5:30pm: light bites + mocktails

6-7:15pm: expert-led group discussion

7:15pm onwards: mingling

Babies and children of all ages are welcome

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Today, far too many women around the world die while giving life, including here in the United States.