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Culture Carrier Calendar 2021

These are just some of the awareness days and months in 2021 that individuals, employee communities, or an organization as a whole can learn about, honor, and celebrate accordingly.

White Paper

Work from home best practices

Drawing on research insights and guidance from Nobel laureates and leaders of industry, Mindr's white paper guides you, your team and your organization through strategies for successful remote work and leadership during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Working from home with kids
Managing teams remotely
Workplace mental health and wellbeing
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Strategizing for work-life success in 2021

Watch our recent community event on work-life success, featuring New York Times bestselling author Eve Rodsky, Breadwinning Women of Google founder Bethanie Baynes, serial CEO and founder of CEO Playbook John Belizaire and senior Mindr facilitator Tashia Millstein.

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Motherhood's big secret, and why we need to talk about it.

Learn the origin story of Mindr through this TEDx talk by our founder and CEO, Sarah Lux-Lee. Find out why Mindr's initial motto was "crying babies welcome."

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Connect with fellow leaders across industries

Building belonging is hard work, but it's easier when we all do it together. Join our online community of thousands of diverse professionals who are combining their high ambitions with their commitment to driving a culture of belonging.