“How to thrive as a working mother”

We are thrilled to join WPP Health for a conversation about the workplace strengths that motherhood gives us, and how we can harness those to increase productivity, wellbeing and success across the board.

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At Mindr, we’re kind of obsessed with supporting working parents. We run all sorts of programming to support working parents to thrive, and to help employers create a culture that recognizes and harnesses the efficiency, productivity, and potential of their parent workforce. This includes our Rise Roundtables™ which bring together current and prospective parents across the organization to share knowledge and support; our Work-Life Lab™ sessions which deliver world-class training in how to pursue your lofty ambitions at work and at home; our Power Play Dates™ which give networking a whole new meaning (check out a recent one in the New Yorker, here); and much more. If you want to help bring Mindr to your workplace, please give us a shout. And in the meantime, we’d love for you to sign up for updates about our public events (like this recent one at the United Nations), and join our online community on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest in the world of the working parent.