Need to keep your best talent? We know how.

As the "TED talks of the parenting world," we've hosted talks, workshops and roundtable discussions with thousands of ambitious working parents and professionals planning for parenthood. We know exactly what your top talent needs in order to stay and thrive through the challenges of their work-life cycle - and it's not a foosball table.

Our services include:

  • Work-life training by our globally recognized experts
  • Priority access to our events with Nobel laureates, United Nations leaders, top universities, business leaders, innovators, changemakers and others
  • Organizational guidance on best practices for work-life policies, physical accommodations such as pumping facilities, and benefits
  • 360° support to help you off-ramp employees, keep them engaged during parental leave, and facilitate their successful return to work
  • Assistance with longer term work-life transitions, including for employees with older children or aging parents

Don't take our word for it:

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