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Impactful events

Mindr curates, facilitates and implements deeply impactful programming to bring employee communities together and advance their individual and collective goals. In close collaboration with key stakeholders, Mindr develops unique event concepts, prepares incisive communications collateral, handles all event logistics, provides expert facilitation and sources speakers from our deep network of globally recognized thought leaders. Past speakers have included Nobel Peace Prize recipient Beatrice Fihn, NASA astronaut Rex Walheim, former NFL player Wade Davis II, FDNY firefighter Giselle King, Paralympic gold medalist Annabelle Williams and others. Learn more about our event support here.

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Strategy & best practices

Mindr equips leaders with industry-leading training and best practices guidance for running successful and sustainable employee communities. This saves leaders time, cost and stress, drives long-term impact and ensures alignment of initiatives to organizational goals. Our most popular strategy initiative is our Virtual Employee Community Leadership Retreat, a 2.5 hour strategic planning session supporting leaders to crystallize their objectives, prioritize their activities and determine metrics for success.

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Community launches

Recent events have made strong employee communities more important and in-demand than ever. Whether you are launching a single community or creating your entire Employee Resource Group network from scratch, we help you recruit diverse and passionate volunteer leaders, train and prepare them with industry best practices and insights, and get the ball rolling virtually or in person with strategic programming that is aligned to both organizational objective and grassroots needs. We have deep experience launching and supporting groups organized around gender, race and ethnicity, parenthood, sexual orientation, disability and many other diversity dimensions.

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Mindr Mentorship Exchange

The Mindr Mentorship Exchange is a powerful, evidence-based internal mentorship program that pairs employees at your organization who are uniquely positioned to advance each other's tangible career goals. Selected mentor matches take part in a guided, world-class curriculum of 5 sessions as part of a diverse and dynamic cohort. The program is designed to be delivered to a 50-200 person cohort every 6 months, and is proven to unlock individual career progress, develop participants' mentorship and sponsorship skills and foster a strong culture of mentorship across your organization. Learn more by clicking here.

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Inclusive Leadership Training and Certification

Leadership of employee communities requires critical skills in inclusive leadership. Our three-part training series fosters a deep skillset in leading inclusive workplace culture, building allyship and accountability and handling sensitive subject matter. Together, we can equip the diversity and inclusion ambassadors of your firm with the tools they need to make a powerful, long-lasting positive impact.

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My company doesn't have any formal employee communities yet. Can we still work together?
Yes! Mindr's programming can be offered to your entire organization or just one group or department, at company off-sites, or at client events. In addition, if your company is interested in forming employee communities around gender, parenthood, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or other diversity dimensions or shared experiences, we also can help you create and launch meaningful and lasting initiatives.
Actually, we have really well established employee communities at my organization. Is it still worth connecting?
Absolutely. We work in close partnership with employee communities, including many that have been around for a long time. We help them innovate and keep them up to date with industry best practices, and we lighten the load on employee leaders by supporting event design, logistics and facilitation and giving life to your vision. We are also able to connect employee communities to a deep network of thought leaders to speak on the topics most important to them.

Mindr also runs virtual and in-person strategy and leadership retreats for employee community leaders. A little bit of upfront planning saves a lot of leaders' time, cost and stress, drives impact and ensures alignment of initiatives to organizational goals.
Traditionally, community activities have taken place in the form of large, in-person gatherings. Can we still collaborate during the Covid-19 pandemic?
There has never been a more important time to build and sustain community than during Covid-19. Fortunately, one of the things we're best at is facilitating interactive and meaningful virtual gatherings and discussions that make everyone feel like they are celebrating in a room together. We bring in thought leaders virtually from all over the globe (we recently hosted a Nobel laureate from Geneva, a NASA space flight director from Houston and a Paralympian from Sydney, all on the same day). The virtual setting also enables us to facilitate anonymous questions, which is a silver lining for communities addressing sensitive topics. A little strategic planning and some careful details go a long way in ensuring that your virtual community gathering is not just another Zoom call, but a memorable touchpoint for connection, relationship-building and advancement of your community's vision and goals.
What kinds of communities can you launch or support?
Mindr works with a wide range of employee communities across diversity dimensions that include gender, parenthood, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, and parenthood. We also support subject-matter based communities, such as those focused on mental health, caretaking, culture and sustainability. Another of our passions is bringing different employee communities together for intersectional conversations.
What costs are involved in working together?
Pricing is customized to your needs and vision. Get in touch so we can learn about your needs and tailor a proposal.
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