Cultivate high performing leaders at every level of your organization

Leadership doesn't just mean managing direct reports. Support every employee to develop a mission-aligned growth mindset by demonstrating and fostering their leadership strengths and opportunities.
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Harness Mindr's proprietary LEADR™ Index

Evaluate the leadership strengths and opportunities of individuals, teams, or whole organizations across Learning, Empathy, Action, Direction and Resilience.

Foster awareness of what it means to lead

Personalized leadership assessments deliver granular understanding of leadership strengths and areas for improvement.

Strengthen skills and habits by putting them into practice

Leverage communities and mentorship as targeted opportunities to build skills and explore growth areas.

Understand how to leverage strengths across teams

Access expert guidance for managers and leaders about how to harness leadership strengths and support growth areas across teams, departments and organizations.

"Being able to take advantage of Mindr’s resources, whether it be the tech and the platform, or more importantly I think the people, the ideas and the partnership, has just been incredible."

Director, Sound Point Capital

“The basic premise of a company or organization is that a group of people are going to align their efforts and skills towards the achievement of a unified vision and a shared set of goals. If the individual is not aligned with the whole – if they do not feel they belong – it is frankly impossible for the organization to achieve its potential.”

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