Cultivate leaders at every level through mentorship & sponsorship

The Mindr Mentorship Exchange is a powerful turn-key mentorship program proven to foster professional development, productivity, and long-term retention for employees across functions and levels. Rely on our creative, customizable curriculum, concierge support services, and world-class facilitation of this end-to-end program and platform for building a culture of mentorship and sponsorship at your company.
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Teach the skills and habits of successful mentorship

Successful mentorship relationships don't just happen. Our bite-sized, expert-developed curriculum teaches professionals at every level how to build relationships of impact.

High touch support and partnership

Your dedicated Mindr program managers understand your company and leadership vision, provide hands-on guidance and operational support, and personally field questions and requests from participants.

Cultivate leadership with powerful, reciprocal pairings

Mindr's unique matching approach brings participants out of their silos and connects cross-functional colleagues who are well positioned to bring value to each other.  

Let our expert facilitators lead the way

All five sessions of the Mindr Mentorship Exchange include a facilitated component led by Mindr experts, followed by breakout discussions among participants.

"We have long understood that mentorship is critical to fostering interpersonal connections, but mentor relationships tend to exist within silos and reporting lines. So we leveraged Mindr here to scale impactful interpersonal connections authentically and globally. Our employees were excited about the Mindr Mentorship Exchange that pairs QIAGENers with a colleague who has complementary goals and skills but sits within a very different role, business unit, or location. For example, in the program’s current cohort, a field service specialist in the US is paired with a Romanian-based curation scientist and a life sciences marketer in Sao Paolo with a genomics sales manager in Finland."

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"This program brought together participants from diverse backgrounds and parts of the world who were facing similar challenges. We were able to connect instantly and offer each other advice on how to overcome roadblocks. In the process, I also learned a lot about myself, including my strengths as a leader and my weaknesses in work-life balance and boundary setting."

Participant, Blue Owl GP Strategic Capital cohort

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