End-to-end event support for employee communities

As a benefit of your organization's partnership with Mindr, our team is here to support you in developing and implementing impactful events. Tailor the resources you need through our flexible, customizable approach, and optimize your leadership team's time and energy.

Why are impactful events important for employee communities?

Events are a critical ingredient to the success of employee communities. They provide intentional time and space for colleagues to connect and reflect, and opportunities for community leaders to amplify their roles within their organization. Events can take many forms to meet various objectives, from fireside chats and panels to learn from featured speakers to trivia nights and networking events to socialize and build relationships.

What makes events challenging?

Truly impactful events require dedicated time and energy outside of leaders’ functional day jobs and a thoughtful lens of inclusion and intersectionality. It can be difficult to balance it all, and often leaders across communities find themselves re-inventing the wheel with little guidance. From brainstorming the event concept to booking speakers, developing materials, and gathering feedback, leaders find themselves navigating it all from scratch.

What kind of support is available?

Mindr is here to help optimize successful, impactful events by easing the administrative burden, streamlining processes, and providing access to powerful tools and content. Our team of experts can provide all of the following supports or as many as desired:

  • Conduct an initial meeting to develop the event concept and vision
  • Prepare an event briefing containing a run of show, discussion topics, polls and talking points
  • Provide speaker recommendations, with the option to utilize Mindr-network speakers or supplement with others
  • Conduct a second meeting to brief any internal speakers and answer questions
  • Brief and liaise with Mindr-network speakers on your behalf
  • Provide invitation copy
  • Provide a virtual background and welcome slide
  • Provide an expert moderator
  • Conduct a final pre-event meeting to ensure everything is in order
  • Manage the event on the day
  • Provide technical support (Zoom only)
  • Provide a post-event discussion guide for you to circulate with the event recording
  • Provide a graphic and suggested LinkedIn post after the event

Impact of end-to-end event support

“Our ERGs love partnering with Mindr on events — they’re always high-quality, well-attended, and have the highest level of engagement and satisfaction. Attendees are impressed by the incredible speakers, community leaders are grateful for the streamlined support, and senior leadership appreciates the insightful data.” - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program Manager, NYSE Listed Alternative Asset Management Company

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